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Our Vision

Healthviber is a company dedicated to improving the health and lives of people with diabetes. We are home to two revolutionary glucose monitoring systems, CONTOUR® portfolio blood analyzers for high precision results in seconds instead of minutes or hours; we also offer exclusive global distribution on Eversense continuous urine tester from Senseonics which helps you stay well controlled without fingersticks!

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We've combined the most effective treatment options into one easy-to use program.


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Our Approach

Our goal is to provide products and solutions that make a positive, daily difference for people with diabetes. We want to make sure diabetes doesn’t get in the way of people’s future, enabling them to live richer lives.

At Healthviber we want to serve the needs of patients through our innovation and specialist expertise in diabetes. We create high-quality solutions and precision tools that help patients manage their condition and take charge of their lives. Innovation is in our DNA and we are agile, entrepreneurial, and dynamic in the way we operate.

We have a long legacy of being one of the leading providers for diabetes care and we’re excited about what’s ahead. We will continue building on that tradition as well!